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Yes Dee Racks



January 17th 2010

Deployed Yes Dee Racks website.

January 08th 2010

Started Project Yes Dee Racks website.

August 10th 2009

Deployed NDE Inspections website.

August 04th 2009

Started Project NDE Inspections website.

April 16th 2009

Completed the corporate identities for Panchayat Raj Movement.

April 13th 2009

Received orders on corporate identities for Panchayat Raj Movement.

April 12th 2009

Deployed Panchayat Raj Movement website.

April 04th 2009

Started Project Panchayat Raj Movement website.

January 15th 2009

SMSJust website deployed after 2 weeks testing.

December 29th 2008

Deployed SMSJust website for beta testing.

December 19th 2008

Started Project SMSJust website.

November 28th 2008

Pics Bucket website deployed.

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 Email administration

email administration package
 - $300

Sick and tired of useless and complicated interface for email, provided by your hosting? Its time to change to the useful and simple interface for sending and receiving emails.

  • Free Email administration upto 50 email accounts. After 50 email accounts +50 USD / year for each account.
  • Complete Gmail interface. Includes Google Chat, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.
  • Email accounts can be used in GTalk within domain and outside domain.
  • Automatic sharing of email accounts within your domain.
  • Google Docs includes, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Forms.
  • Mail filters and Labeling of mails possible.
  • Strong Spam filters.
  • Custom sharing of Google Docs with everyone or with selected person within the domain.
  • Email quota similar to Gmail. Increases day by day.
  • Contract is for life time..
  • Domain and Hosting charges not included.

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