Forgotten child collaboration with Unowebz, its great experience, the idea, knowledge, design, care simply beyond our expectation. The process moved through responsibility and care, and in a secured manner which we trust all the time. I wish all success for the great work. Thank you

Archana Ravi
Director - Forgotten Child

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Yes Dee Racks



January 17th 2010

Deployed Yes Dee Racks website.

January 08th 2010

Started Project Yes Dee Racks website.

August 10th 2009

Deployed NDE Inspections website.

August 04th 2009

Started Project NDE Inspections website.

April 16th 2009

Completed the corporate identities for Panchayat Raj Movement.

April 13th 2009

Received orders on corporate identities for Panchayat Raj Movement.

April 12th 2009

Deployed Panchayat Raj Movement website.

April 04th 2009

Started Project Panchayat Raj Movement website.

January 15th 2009

SMSJust website deployed after 2 weeks testing.

December 29th 2008

Deployed SMSJust website for beta testing.

December 19th 2008

Started Project SMSJust website.

November 28th 2008

Pics Bucket website deployed.

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